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Community Outreach, Charity Auctions is a social media & local advocate for the valued members of our community who find themselves among the working poor.

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Jeffrey J Vitale

Vice President



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HELP KEEP AMERICA PROUD AND WORKING has devoted its energy to passionately advocate for the working poor who although highly valued, remain politically under-represented members of our communities... they live day to day without a safety net and risk losing it all should an unplanned illness or expense occur.

At great expense to their own financial security, their willingness to  work provides a safety net of benefits that many take for granted. This same safety net often is narrowly unavailable to them as they struggle to remain above the line.

community heroes

Through local fundraising events and community donations, provides one time assistance to keep the working heroes in our communities on their feet.

Have the passion and determination to use their life to make a difference, especially  those who fought for the benefits we take for granted and those who will fight to keep them.



your brothers keeper

Daniel Simcox

Chef & General Manager

Julie Vitale

Vice President

Fundraising, Event Management, Public Relations



Charity Events, Charity Auctions, Comedy Nights


In addition to our direct involvement in raising funds to help keep our own community strong, we also offer our services to other non profit organizations to help them achieve their goals.  Whether you need a venue, event manager, auctioneer, social media or marketing research assistance, we have a skilled team to assist you.

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  • Tax deductible donation drop of site
  • Indoor/Outdoor venue
  • On -site or Off Site Auction Services
  • Marketing Material development
  • Focus Groups & Market Research
  • Comedy Nights
  • Event Management
  • Catering, Prop Rental, Floral Service