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Let's recover the pride that comes with being an  American.



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We don't hear much about the working poor because there is a proud silence that comes with taking care of yourself and your family without charity or welfare checks.

Day after day, they battle the odds determined to stand on their own two feet, - True Americans, the kind of Americans that founded our country and the kind of Americans that fight to keep it strong - heroes.

Heroes who don't have their hands out and heroes who don't beg for money in the parking lot. They work and they struggle and they do it in silence with a polite smile no matter how much they hurt.

But sometimes -- just sometimes -- a hero falls on times so hard that someone needs to reach out and lend a hand. And sometimes -- just sometimes -- a simple once in a lifetime gesture has the power to lift a soul up off the ground long enough regain the balance needed to carry on the American Dream.

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Forward Change is about finding the pride that too many Americans have forgotten.

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Our Mission

 Forward Change is about finding the pride that too many Americans have forgotten.  It's about a community supporting a set of values and ideals designed to keep Americans strong & self supporting...not forever entitled.

We are all our Brother's Keepers and it's up to us to make a difference that counts - a difference that can lend America a hand to get up off the ground and regain its balance to carry on the dream that is America.

Hitching Post Events donates 10% of it's profits

Hitching Post Events in Ravenna, MI hosts weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, private parties and offsite business meetings.  They provide full service catering services, an on site florist, DJ, Auctioneering and  announcing services, a professional photographer and a cafe.  On an annual basis, a minimum of ten percent of the profits are donated to Forward Change to use in keeping it's local community strong. 

Find your pride by helping others stay on their feet

Meet Our Team

Paul Piccard, President & Founder

Auctioneer, business owner and go to guy

  • Comedy Fundraisers
  • Community Partnerships
  • School Support Programs
  • Leveraging the power of Social Meda

Our Community in Action

Jeffrey Vitale, Vice President

Market research professional, photographer, business owner real estate investor and entrepreneur

Julie Vitale, Treasurer

Business professional, small business owner

and community outreach

  • Team-building outings for corporations
  • "Mission Holiday" Program
  • Donation drop off site
  • Charity Auctions

2940 S Ravenna Rd, 49451